Reduce your telecommunication costs.
With over 25 years of experience, Concentric Network Solutions has saved our clients millions of dollars. The majority of our clients save more than 20% on their monthly telecom expenses.


Access to your data, when you need it.
Your ability to access your data is crucial to your company's success. We have solutions for all of your data intensive needs, whether it is storage, recovery, redundancy, or porting to the Cloud.


Access our high availability data center.
With our access to high-speed, redundant power networks, we can provide connectivity to your mission-critical business applications, and ensure they are online and available at all times.

Your south-east leader in data communications

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Nestled in the center of the Tennessee Valley, Concentric Network Solution's secure data storage facility is unique in its scope, design, and access to the long-haul fiber optic network. Chattanooga has been named a "Gig City", having the fastest available Internet speeds in North America. The location of Concentric Network Solutions Data Center is further enhanced by its access to three redundant power grids, maintained by our local power provider, the Chattanooga Electric Power Board (EPB).

Because of our unique location, it costs less to access the main fiber source. This allows for less expensive bandwidth overhead — a savings we can pass directly onto you.

Our Promise: We will identify cost savings and implement new technologies to help our customers perform more efficiently and have a better bottom line.

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